The most frequently asked question is: “will my tubs of gelato arrive frozen?”

The answer is YES.

You really do need to see it to believe it (you can make an order RIGHT NOW!)

We use a thick insulating liner (made out of recycled jeans) to form a mini freezer inside the box. Next, we use dry ice (placed safely inside a bag) to keep the temperature around -20C. You don’t need to touch the dry ice (in fact, you shouldn’t! Please follow the safety instructions on the bag). Eventually the dry ice will completely sublimate.

The tubs of gelato are placed inside the liner, on top of the dry ice and then sealed.

Next Day Delivery (provided by DPD) is essential so that your tubs of freshly-made gelato arrive completely frozen, ready for you to pop directly into your freezer.


Handy suggestion: when your gelato arrives, leave it in the box, grab some spoons and your picnic blanket and enjoy it at the beach, or in the park. You’ve already got it stored in a “freezer”, so make the most of the sunshine!