Our Story

Est. 2021

Handcrafted Italian gelato

The finest and freshest ingredients, and traditional Italian production methods to bring you handcrafted Italian gelato infused with great British flavours.

Great Gelato

In 2011, I first lived in Italy and I came to love the language, culture and cuisine. Gelato was my weakness—every new town or city I visited, I would try as many flavours at as many different “gelaterie” as I could.

I then studied Italian at university for four years and in 2014 I had the opportunity to go back to Italy again and live there for six months. I was able to meet with old friends and acquaintances who enjoyed taking me to get gelato across Milan.

In 2020, before the first Covid-19 national lockdown, we had been dreaming of going back to Italy for our family holiday. Unable to travel because of restrictions, I began searching for authentic Italian gelato recipes online and speaking with my Italian friends about how to make handcrafted Italian gelato. Nostalgia is a funny old thing.

Fast forward a year and hundreds of recipes, we’ve created a creamy, chewy, smooth Italian gelato made in the same way only the Italians know how. Gelato that will transport you to your favourite piazza in Italy, with the sun on your face and the smells of the place. To Italy. The birthplace of gelato.

We are starting our journey by offering local collection and delivery in/around Milton Keynes. Next up—shipping it freshly-made and frozen around the UK.



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